A Weather-Proof Sneaker For The Discerning Bike Commuter

These are the Outlier Feit Supermarines. They cost $US260. Wait! Before you finish that spit-take, let me explain.

The outer layer is hand-crafted using an updated form of Ventile, a densely-knit cotton fabric invented by the British Navy to protect pilots shot down in the North Sea during WWII. That, along with a construction process that employs only two exterior stitches, should keep your feet dry and warm no matter what weather you're riding through.

The inner is made from a double layer of French calf leather (because socks are for hobos) and the outsole uses Vibram rubber over vegetable leather to maintain a solid grip on the pedals. Their detailed construction and insanely high material quality limits the production so don't expect them to ship before June. Either way, these sneaks sure look a hell of a lot more comfortable than the Chuck Taylors you've been wearing. [Outlier]

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