A T-Shirt To Help You Have Sweet(er) Dreams

If you're having a crappy night's sleep, most doctors will hook you up to a complex array of machines that measure your vital signs. But the people at Nyx think all you need is a breath-calculating shirt.

The Somnus shirt is really just two capacitive sensors that you can iron on to any shirt, coupled with a storage pod to hold your breathing data. Every time you gulp in some air, your chest (and shirt) expands, triggering the sensors. You (or your doctors) can then use this data to analyse what kind of rest you're getting, as different breathing patterns indicate different sleeping habits.

Nyx hopes to have the Somnus ready by next year, and could make the lives of people suffering from shitty sleep a bit better. Nobody wants to be hooked up to electrodes in a lab. [Technology Review via Engadget]

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