A Grandma Is Selling Suicide Kits Online

A Grandma Is Selling Suicide Kits Online

A 91-year old Grandma is selling $US60 suicide kits over the Internet. The kit is rather basic actually, it’s a large plastic bag with an elastic band opening and a slot for a plastic tube to be inserted. The tube is supposed to be connected to a helium tank and then pumped into the bag. Helium, when inhaled in its pure form, is deadly.

She started this suicide kit business after she saw her husband undergo a long and painful death from colon cancer. And she’s been making quite the money for herself, she says she’s made $US100,000 in sales which would mean around 1,600 of her kits have been sold. Obviously, people aren’t happy about this.

Her business came to light when 29-year-old Nick Klonoski bought one of her kits and committed suicide in December 2010. Klonoski’s family has spoken out on her business and lawmakers are trying to make selling kits such as those a felony. But for now it’s still legal and she’s still selling, saying:

“I’m doing what I can to improve the world. There’s a lot of heartache and difficulty here.”

If you’re contemplating suicide, please call Lifeline: 13 11 14. Don’t buy these kits. [10news via Neatorama]