A 3-Year Old Boy Armed With A Blowtorch Burnt Down His Neighborhood

Yesterday, a 3-year-old boy and his dog decided to go for a morning stroll through the neighbourhood. Only this walk involved a blowtorch and some $US5,000 in property damage. Kids today really know how to have fun.

It's a miracle, of course, that the kid came out unhurt. But this will definitely be a story for when he's older. Wearing only a T-shirt and man-sized balls to weigh him down, the lad somehow managed to undo the safety switches on the torch and proceeded to have a blast:

Police said the boy burned a porch swing, a broom, a sliding door, a deck and a knob on a septic tank and singed an igniter on a gas grill.

Even the dog got in on it, chasing away anyone who got in their way. By the time a relative was called, it was much too late. No charges have been filed, although the boy's mother, who was asleep at the time, is sure to be pretty embarrassed. [WTAE Pittsburgh]

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