3M's Latest Pico Projector Has WiFi, Bluetooth And A Touchscreen

Pico projectors haven't lit up the world like they promised to do a few years ago, but that hasn't stopped 3M from updating its pico projector, adding a whole host of wireless functionality and a touchscreen.

The MP180 may look a little boxy, but features a whole host of pretty cool technologies in its pocket-sized body. SVGA resolution capable of projecting screens up to 80 inches, 4GB of internal memory and MicroSD expansion, and integrated wifi and Bluetooth technologies lets you project pretty much anything, from Powerpoint presentations to your collection of exotic Scandinavian nature films.

Battery life is rated for about 2 hours, which is pretty good for a pico projector. It will hit shelves on June 1, although there's no word on local pricing just yet. Given the MP150 is still $429 though, you should expect at least $500 for this one.


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