23-inch Anorexic LED-Backlit Monitor Unveiled By HP

23-inch Anorexic LED-Backlit Monitor Unveiled By HP

HP unveiled the razor-thin x2301 LED-backlit monitor with a 9.8mm profile that will open up some space on your desk and look stunning at the same time.

The 23-inch x2301 maintains its thin profile by keeping the display at a minimum and cramming all the electronics and ports into the base. While the size is certainly striking, the monitor won't dazzle you with its specs. It's a mid-range offering with a 1980x1080 resolution, 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 3ms response time. Look for the X2301 to land on retail shelves starting June 10th for a fashionista-friendly price of $US279.99. [HP]

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