200MP Hasselblad Camera Costs $US45,000

Hasselblad one-upped itself again with the H4D-200MS camera, a 200MP monster that hit the market with a whopping $US45,000 price tag.

This claim of 200MP is impressive, but misleading. The H4D-200MS actually ships with a 50MP sensor and uses multi-shot technology to produce a 200MP image. A piezoelectric motor slightly moves the sensor while the camera takes six images of a scene. It takes about 30 seconds to capture and stitch the six pictures into a 600MB, 200MP image. The result is this stunning example of a watch captured by Jonathan Beer.

Other goodies on the camera include support for an external hard drive and an ISO range of 50 to 800. Though it's pricey, the H4D-200MS is a must have for the professional who makes his living producing stunning photos of stationary objects. [CNET]

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