15.6-Inch Dell Ultra-thin Laptop Rising From The Ashes Of The Adamo

Back on February 9, we reported that the Adamo, Dell's sexy-yet-lacking ultrathin laptop, was no more. That didn't mean Dell was done with the genre, however, as it seems there's a new sexy, svelte model on the horizon.

The rumoured 15.6-inch model, unnamed, will reportedly arrive with Intel Core i5 and i7 processor configurations (Sandy Bridge), coupled with a high-resolution display.

The case will contain "special materials," CNET reports, which I can only surmise means crushed unicorn horns and the blood of whatever pixies Keith Richards has been using to stay alive all these years. Or lightweight aluminium and/or carbon fibre. Any of those guesses could work.

Better still for people still mourning the loss of the Adamo, Dell is purportedly targeting a sub-$1,000 price tag. Healthy sceptics like you and me will note that means $US999 and "base model." [CNET]



    It doesn't *appear* that thin from the video.

    Don't think i would ever buy a Dell laptop regardless of how thin it is or how much unicorn is in it anyway. Just don't like them. And they video was so annoying, didn't really show anything...."You asked for no more of this shitty cock tease marketing...We ignored you"

    I have had great experiences with Dell - have bought about only Dell for family and recommend them to everyone.

    Can't wait to see this one.

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