You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Songs From Your Digital Radio

You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Songs From Your Digital Radio

 title=Now this is the kind of feature that can sell digital radios! Pure has announced that from next month, users will be able to purchase MP3 versions of songs they hear on the radio with the press of a button. Win!

Dubbed FlowSongs, the service will be available on eight diferent Pure-branded digital radios from next month, including the Sensia, Contour, AVANTI Flow, ONE Flow, Oasis Flow, Siesta Flow, and Evoke Flow. It works like this:

To access the FlowSongs service, users simply register their Flow radio on the Lounge (, then open and top-up a Lounge Account using a credit or debit card. To use the service, users simply select the Flow or FlowSongs option on their PURE ‘Flow’radio when they hear a track they like. FlowSongs tags the track and shows the user the artist, album and price. (There is no limit on the number of tracks that the user can tag but they will need credit in their account to purchase tracks.) To purchase a track, the user simply chooses ‘Buy’ and then enters their optional four digit PIN to confirm the purchase. In addition to streaming purchased tracks from any PURE radio with Flow technology, tracks can also be downloaded in a high-quality MP3 format to a PC or Mac and added to the user’s MP3 collection.

Pricing will depend on the track and publisher in question, but Pure promises that pricing will be in line with other Australian digital music stores.

It’s an exciting, innovative concept that should help the Australian music industry continue to act as a Holy Grail market. Being a Pure initiative, it’s unlikely we’ll see the service appear on other brands of digital radios any time soon, but the ability to instantly buy a catchy song heard on the radio would definitely be enough to sway me when deciding which digital radio to buy. How about you guys?