You Need To Catch Frog Minutes

You Need To Catch Frog Minutes

Spring is in the air. You can feel it. The birds are singing, and the bees are a-buzzing. It’s a perfect time to go outside. But, I’ll let you what, you go outside. I’m going to flop on the sofa and play Frog Minutes.

Frog Minutes is the latest title from Grasshopper Manufacture, the Tokyo-based studio known for No More Heroes. In Frog Minutes, the goal is simple: catch insects and feed them to frogs so you can catch them.

There are a variety of frogs as well as a variety of insects that can be caught. New insects and frogs are unlocked as the game progresses. Each frog wants to eat certain types of insects, as evident by the thought bubbles that appear over their heads. Players must give the correct insects to the frog to make the critter “full” so it can be picked up.

Each time players catch new frogs, there is a brief info sheet on the frog that provides details about the animals such as its name and size as well as basic info. The game is quite a departure for Grasshopper and seems to work well on iOS devices.

There is also wonderfully dry in-game narration. It’s humorous and quirky. It works.

But what’s great is how the whole game feels. The background is lush and handpainted. Players can lazily catch bugs. There are short bursts of excitement with a frog leaps up – much like there really is when trying to catch a frog. It’s relaxing and exciting at the same time. I quite like the contrast.

The project started out as a side project in Grasshopper, but due to the recent events in Japan, all procedes will go to the Japanese Red Cross to help with the earthquake relief efforts. Frog Minutes is $1.29 and worth every damn penny.

Frog Minutes [iTunes]