Why The F*ck Is The '1' On The iPhone's Calendar Off Centre?

This is freaking me out today. You see, I hardly look at my calendar date on the iPhone. But today I did. I looked at that pixel-perfect, beautiful Retina screen and this problem got instantly into my eye, like a white hot scalpel pinching through my retina until it reached the back of my skull.

See what I mean? Can you see IT? The '1' is off centre. Instead of being optically centred, it's geometrically centred. So it just looks wrong. Really, what happened there, Steve? Where did all that love for typography and attention to detail go? Out the fucking window of your silver Merc, that's where.

Perhaps this is some kind of cruel April Fools joke from Cupertino. Maybe they are all at the office, hahahing at their clever joke. OK. I don't find it fucking funny, but I understand your desire to torture your users.

But what about if it's not? What about if May 1st comes and the '1' goes off centre again. What will it happen then? Would they issue an iPhone recall? Would they fix this in iPhone 5? Would Steve send emails saying that we are looking at the screen in the wrong way? Would he argue that all phones have the '1' incorrectly centred? Would Apple give us transparent vinyl overlays correctly aligned '1' to place over the iPhone every first? Can this really be fixed in a future software patch? Would Apple's spokesperson John Gruber said that Android's number '1' sucks so much that it actually looks like a '2'?

Seriously, I'm not even bloody joking here. This '1' centre alignment is the biggest bollocking to come out of Cupertino since they released their veggie burger mouse.

Fuck this. I keep looking at it and it's driving me bonkers. I'm turning the iPhone off today.



    Of all the issues I would have with the Iphone, and all things "Apple",.. this would not rate a mention,.. Seriously,... the 1 is off center!!.. it's not even that noticeable!!... :}

    jesus christ man do you want a fucking tissue so you can cry some more?

    Yeah i think ill take my Super Amoled over your "Imperfect Retina BS" any day mate :)

    Actually it's just an April fools joke. Only happens on the 1st April 2011. Came with the last IOS update and will be fixedby the next one. I can't post it here but if you look at the source code you can see it was done on purpose.

      And you the author should get a message from Steve Jobs soon asking you to get a life. Never heard a bigger rant abOut shit in my life.

        Oh and did you also notice that the clock icons next to it seems to be showing the wrong and if you squint your eyes just right you'll see the distance between the 5 and 6 is not proportionate to the rest of the clock. Shock horror.... I'll have to get an android phone now cause I can't live with this in perfection.

          yeah, that's the reason you should be getting an android phone... not coz it's better or anything

    Here here! If we keep letting the corporate war machine put numbers wherever they want, soon enough we'll be getting those damn offcentered numbers branded on the back of our necks; it'll be 1984 all over again. Fight the power!


      You made me lol xD

    I was really hoping the post date was April 1, but sadly it's not.

    Get a life.

    You're obviously blind as a bat or easily taken in by optical tricks and illusions.

    The serif at the top of the number causes the offset and the bulk of the number, the vertical stroke, then appears offset to the right. But if you draw a line down the outside of the serif and measure the distance to the icon edge, you'll find it is exactly the same as the distance between the number and the right side of the icon; therefore it is centred.

    P.S. Get a life.

      Quote from article: "Instead of being optically centered, it’s geometrically centred."

      You just explained why it is geometrically centred.

      "Instead of being optically centered, it’s geometrically centred."

      That's why he said it, it should be centred around the vertical line of the 1, rather than the 1 as a whole ^.-

      ^ this

      the '1' is exactly on centre. measure the pixel width of the entire numeral (NOT just the vertical stalk) and you'll see it's perfectly centered.

      What you seem to want is the middle vertical bit centered. That'd be a bit like having a 'J' centered on the vertical bit... the hook would be too far to the left.

      I believe that is why he said "Instead of being optically centered, it’s geometrically centred"

      It is centered, but the fact that the serif is quite large means that offsetting the 1 slightly so that the stem is a little closer to the middle of the frame means that it's better balanced in terms of positive and negative space.

      In that respect I get where he's coming from, considering apple are typically SUPREMELY anal retentive with the aesthetics of their products and in the scheme of things, centering text nicely is a pretty fundamental skill for a GUI/icon/graphic designer to have.

      This post is pretty pointless though, someone was obviously in the mood for a rant or pressed for something to write about, though I'd prefer to see this nonsense over the all too common half-baked tech reviews or dubious ($$?) iPhone/Pad posts which always seem a little too in favour of Apple.

    i trashed my iphone due to this exact issue, how dare they insult our intelligence like that!? symbian for life!

      I gave my iPhone awaly to my daughter ages ago - for much simpler reason than this...
      It was a great gadget, but a very average phone, and I wanted a phone.

    Dammit Steve.. Now I am going to have to bulid my own phone.. with beer.. and hookers.. INFACT! Forget the Phone!

    The world would be a happier place without serifs, obviously.

    Please release this guy from his contract so he can join the fox 'news' team immediately.

    hahaha OCD

    Yeah. I'm not reading Gizmodo anymore.

    hahaaha.... hahaha...out of all the other issues that the iPhone has you pick on this? Get a life dude, the world isn't made for you.

    This is unbelievable.

    Bitch bitch bitch.


    Why are Gizmodo writers treating this site more and more like a personal blog these days?

    I agree, that is annoying!

    The original article was posted on April 1st

    Nice rant, Jesus. Do NOT get a life, the one you have is entertaining enough. :)

    I took this article as a joke...
    Assuming the author is American, he would've posted this on his April 1st.

    I actually laughed at his rage and found all of this funny.

    The people saying "get a life", I say to you, "get a sense of humour".

    omg.... I can't believe how many wankers commented thinking you are serious!
    Funny Jesus D!

    i.e. this is a humorous piece, regardless of weather the 1 is off center or the date it was posted...

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