What Is This?

What Is This?

First hint: It makes something delicious. If you’re one to have a drink of alcohol every once in a while, that is. Whatever could it be?

“It” is version 2.0 of the EMSL’s Drink Making Unit, and it does just that.

The bar-tending bot is about twice as big and complex as the one they created last year, and is otherwise similar in name only. The group explains:

Aside from the once-again-apt-but-not-very-descriptive name, Drink Making Unit 2.0 has very little in common with last year’s machine. The mechanism is all new, and features elements borrowed from sources as diverse as pet stores, chemistry labs, and Japanese gardens. It dispenses any six fluids (up from three), in metered and selectable quantities, and also sports an all-new extra-snazzy control panel.

All I require are quality gin and tonic, my artificial friend. And don’t dare skimp on that lime. [EMSL via MAKE]