What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

 title=Another week of NBN coverage, culminating in cake. Lets take a look at what happened with the NBN this week.

• NBN Co finally popped its head on the Whirlpool forums this week in an attempt to explain (and justify) its pricing structure. NBN Co head of product development and sales Jim Hassell jumped on board to try and argue Simon Hackett’s argument that the NBN Co pricing structure would kill off smaller ISPs. [Delimiter]

• NBN Co wants to finalise its Wholesale Broadband agreement by June or July, about two months before the mainland first release sites are meant to start offering services to customers. Almost sounds too good to be true. [ITNews]

• NBN Co finally started talking to consumers this week, launching a booklet to explain the NBN to the common man. Although readers seem to think that it’s still too complicated for most people, and NBN Co would have been better to go with a video. I’ll only agree if the video stars Lawrence Leung… [Giz]

• We’re two years on from the announcement of the NBN, and if you’re interested in this kind of thing, you should go and read David Braue’s roundup of what’s gone wrong with the plan since it was announced. It’s an awesome read. [ZDNet]

• The Four Corners episode on the NBN provided som real insight into the creation of the NBN, including the admission that the NBN was created to try and avoid a costly fight with Telstra. [SMH]

• Abbott still wants a cost benefit analysis. What a surprise! [Australian IT]

• The NBN rollout is running about four months behind because the ACCC wanted more points of interconnect than the originally proposed 14. Honestly, this is a good thing, and worth any delays. [SMH]