What Could Nintendo Do To Appease Greenpeace?

What Could Nintendo Do To Appease Greenpeace?
When it comes to technology companies, Nintendo have one of the worst environmental records out there. They have owned the last placed slot on the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics for years now, and don’t look like they’re about to change. But what if they did? Mark over at Kotaku spoke to Casey Harrel from Greenpeace about exactly what Nintendo could do to make them seem a little more eco-friendly.

“Nintendo has a lot of room for improvement. Ideally, I’d like to see them start with disclosure. The company is not disclosing much information on their environmental impact. This will be a good gauge on where they need to improve

“Progress should start with a strong commitment to chemicals management and a precautionary approach to the materials they use in their products – they should use chemicals that they know don’t cause harm.

“This eco-design will reap benefits in terms of the recyclability of their products, and likely up the percentage of goods that are collected for proper dismantling and recycling. This will allow more recycled content to be place in next-gen consumer electronics.

“And, finally, focus on energy use, both in the manufacturing of the products, but also during the use phase, where – specifically in game consoles – there is significant energy use. Bring efficiency down by a factor of eight – using Moore’s law, this should be feasible within five years.”

It all seems too easy right? It interesting to note that it was only a few years ago that Apple scored incredibly poorly on the Greenpeace scale, and Cupertino went into overdrive to adjust that situation. While there are a lot of similarities between Apple and Nintendo, it seems eco-consciousness isn’t one of them.