Watch The 50,000 Volt Taser Grenade Shock Its First Civilian Victim

There's a new Taser in town! The company's 50,000 volt projectile - the Taser Grenade - can incapacitate those who need to be incapacitated at distances of up to 274m. The Daily's Justin Rocket Silverman (Rocket!) has the distinction of being the first civilian to be zapped by the new weapon, an experience he takes quite stoically, though the company wouldn't actually fire the thing at him and just shocked him with a box of Taser Grenade guts instead.

Still! This looks painful! The military is current conducting tests with the projectile and police departments could be soon to follow, so we can probably expect the long distancing tasing YouTubes to start rolling in very soon indeed. [The Daily via Crunch Gear]

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