Watch Jumbo Jet Spin Tiny Jet In JFK Runway Collision

What happens when the world's largest commercial jet clips the tail of a much smaller plane? Some tarmac turbulence that left the passengers of Comair Flight 6293 spinning.

There were no injuries reported in last night's incident at JFK, and no clear reason why Air France Flight 7, a double-decker Airbus A380 capable of carrying more than 850 passengers, taxied itself into the wing of CRJ 700 Regional Jet. And the extent of the damage to the planes hasn't yet been determined. We do, however, have video of the incident available to us, for those who like their jumbo jet accident porn:As well as the audio of the communication between the tower and the Comair flight after the accident, for those who like their chagrined pilot porn:

It's always so much nicer when no one gets hurt during incidents like these, isn't it? Both for their sake, and so that we can enjoy our large-scale calamities guilt-free. [NBC4]

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