Viddy iPhone App Is Like A HipstaInstaMaticGramThingy For Videos

This isn't the first video app for iPhone which coats your videos in those delicious old-timey filters (8mm got in there first.) It is, however, free, and shares videos in a stream like Color does for photos.

You can actually use the vintage filters on video you've already shot, or video you're about to shoot - not to mention choose how strong you want the filter, and if you'd like a soundtrack. This is one surefire way to wankify those wedding videos. [iTunes via The Next Web]


    I love this app!
    It's an instant buy-in for Instagram lover.
    I immediately join in and uploaded my first vintage video.
    Awesomeness! This just might become the next big thing.

    I posted a quick look on the app here in my blog:

    the instagram model does really work for vid. i tried app and not snappy and crashed. vids tough to upload on 3g

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