Trump Offered Obama BP Spill Fix And A Ballroom

Donald Trump. Just a normal man with a normal ego. An ego so mild that he casually asked to be put in charge of BP repair operations. When he was turned down, he offered to build Obama a ballroom. Hoookay!

The bizarre offers, culled from the flappy-haired real estate Hutt's interview with George Stephanopoulos and emails from Obama mastermind David Axelrod, reveal some pretty strange stuff. Trump claimed he could fix the haemorrhaging oil well, saying "I know how to run big projects." After a Don't call us, we'll call you, reply from the White House, Trump then for some reason offered to build Obama a $US100 million ballroom, free of charge. This offer was also declined. Was it declined because Obama's hidden birth certificate reveals he doesn't know how to dance? We may never know. [WaPo via Wonkette]

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