This Probably Isn’t The iPhone 5

This Probably Isn’t The iPhone 5

 title=Eagle-eyed tipster Nick sent through this link for what is supposed to be the next iPhone, courtesy of online retailer I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s fake.

The handset, which according to the specs features an A4 processor and NFC payment technology built-in, also boasts a 4-inch screen and a weird adaptation of the home button.

Nick apparently asked the site’s online assistance about the phone and they claimed they’d received three of the units from the factory. Another indication that the phone in question is most likely a Chinese knock-off.

But it does raise a couple of cool ideas – a 4-inch iPhone is very desirable, and even though the Apple NFC rumour-mill has been in full swing for months, I’m really hoping it turns out to be true. The inclusion of iOS 5 is – although currently unannounced – a foregone conclusion, really.

Despite this particular phone’s likely status as a forgery, if it WAS real, what do you think of the spec list and design? Enough to upgrade from the iPhone 4?

[HotTechElecThanks Nick]