This Mould-Covered Audi Is Why You Don't Ignore Water Damage

A New Jersey detailer got a call from the owner of a 2002 Audi AllRoad, saying he needed some cleanup done after the car was parked for four months. Inside, the detailer found the Taj Mahal of mould.

Before the Audi was parked, it had a firewall leak that soaked the carpets and interior. The result was a thick panoply of fungi coating most of the interior in stomach-turning yellow and green fuzz. The detailer said the cleanup required special chemicals, a steamer, two days of work, a mini-dehumidifier which pulled a quart of water from the car in a single night and clothes that would never be worn again.

But because the car had been sitting only four months, the mould hadn't pitted the Audi's leather surfaces, making the cleanup messy but possible. The steam worked on the vents and other tiny areas the detailer couldn't reach. The final result?

If you ever find yourself with an interior that looks mouldier than a cheese shop in Venice, you might want to refer to the steps the detailer took here. It's a transformation - but I still wouldn't eat in it.

Thanks Stephan!

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