There's No Word On When Australia Will See Sony's New Tablets

Did you like the look of those new Sony Honeycomb powered tablets, the S1 and S2? Want to know when you can get your grubby Australian fingers on one? Looks like you'll have to wait.

Sony Australia today sent out the global announcement from earlier this week announcing the tablets for Fall 2011. When questioned whether that meant we'd be seeing them in Spring this year down under, the response was a predictable "Unfortunately we don’t have any details as yet around an Australian release."

Most likely, this is a case of the Australian arm of Sony just not being informed yet about when it will be able to sell the sexy new tablets, but given that the company wants to be number two in tablets by the end of the year, Sony's strategy in both announcing and releasing the Android-powered devices is baffling.

That said, I still want one...

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