The Scariest Car Crash Ever Caught On Video Was Real

The Scariest Car Crash Ever Caught On Video Was Real

Yesterday morning we showed you a scary car accident camera phone video shot from the driver’s point-of-view as a two-by-four kicked up by a slow-moving trailer-carrying truck rockets through the windshield.

The video – now seen by almost one million viewers since we were first to show it – was so amazing people thought it had to be fake. Although the accident occurred on April 1, we can assure you, as you see above, it’s no joke. The driver’s name is Wendy Cobb and she exclusively gave Jalopnik her story of what happened.

40-year-old Cobb was driving in her Kia Sedona minivan by herself down a local highway in Shelby, North Carolina when she saw two trucks playing a game of “cat and mouse” and holding up traffic. Cobb whipped out her cameraphone to take video and send it in to the companies that own both trucks. I’ll let her take over from here:

I was actually taping two trucks doing a little ‘cat and mouse’ game and holding up traffic. (I always say I’ll send it to the companies they work for, let them know how they are representing the company, but I never do. Can’t help it – I’m in marketing so I always think about things like that)

The 2×4 was in the road, along with several others, but when the truck in front of me hit it, and then his trailer hit it, it just propelled it into me. I don’t know why I didn’t scream or cuss or cry, I guess just pure shock, I could barely form words to call 911. But I most definitely know how lucky I was. Damage was mostly the hood and windshield, again, very lucky.

We independently verified Cobb’s story with the local law enforcement who have sent us a copy of their report on the accident.

After we first published the video just over 24 hours ago (of a copy of the original video and then, to the original video), Cobb’s amazing video has now been seen almost a million times.

Although I have to agree with many of our commenters who said it’s a very bad idea to be videotaping and driving, I think many are forgetting the big picture – Cobb could have died or been very seriously hurt whether or not she were videotaping the other vehicles with her camera phone. It’s amazing that she’s still here and unharmed.

For the moment, we’re going to focus on that.

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