The Most Diabolical Pranks Of The Year

The Most Diabolical Pranks Of The Year

April Fools, everyone! We were going to execute some brilliant joke on Giz, but then we sort of ran out of scotch tape and willpower. However! We still love a good prank. So, below are our favourites of the year.

I’m Pulling This Fake Toilet Paper Roll Prank on April Fools Day
If my roommate did this to me I think I’d probably strangle him, but hey! Not everyone lives with a psychopath! So go ahead – try it on your roomie (or spouse). Just hope they’re not a corked up bottle of emotion, waiting to blow at the slightest provocation. Yeah. More »[imgclear]

4chan Is Trying to Prank Lonely Single Guys with OkCupid
I would totally never fall for 4chan’s attempt to con lonely guys on OK Cupid into joining an impromptu, shameful flashmob, because I’m definitely not on OK Cupid every day looking for casual sex. So, uh, joke’s on you guys. Guys? Guys…? Oh god I’m so alone. More »[imgclear]

This Pneumatic Cannon Prank Is Just Brutal
You would think scientists are a friendly, benevolent bunch. But no, they’re arseholes, just like the rest of us, and enjoy blowing each other away with enormous air cannons. More »[imgclear]

Pittsburgh Gets Pranked by 100-Year-Old Time Capsule
A “Pittsburgh Time Capsule” sounds sort of like a dirty sex move. In this case, it sort of was. Well, minus the sex. But it sure was gross! And disappointing! Much like sex itself. This prank is also great because nature itself was the prankster, and it’s not like you can get back at nature. Well, except by continuing to live in Pittsburgh, I guess. More »[imgclear]

TSA Employee Was Busy Pranking Passengers With Fake Bags of Coke Instead of Testing New Security Equipment
The TSA was one of the biggest pranksters of the past year! If by pranks you mean violations of civil liberties and shocking ineptitude. And nothing says prank like a big bag of fake cocaine. April Fools! More »[imgclear]

Watch the World’s Coolest Maths Teacher Troubleshoot a Haunted PC
OK, so every noun in this headline is shockingly lame, but trust us – this actually is a supercool math teacher. And although his computer isn’t haunted, he sure pranks the hell out of his students. Dumb students. Maybe you should have worked harder, and then your teacher wouldn’t have to resort to these desperate measures to get your attention? Brats. More »[imgclear]

I Want to Work at Sega For the Pranks
There are a lot of reasons to want to work at Sega. Free games, smoking weed with Tails, “Free Massage Fridays” – but probably the best reason is the pranks. The fun, creative pranks. More »[imgclear]

Girl Causes Panic By Playing Dead On Google Street View
This girl, who pretended to be dead to shock her friends and inadvertently wound up on snapped by Google’s Street View car, is a genius. That’s right, a genius. More »[imgclear]

Voice Command Copier Prank
This prank is great if your heart is full of malice, or you work with idiots, which should cover almost everyone. A printer that forces you to talk to it! Of course, that makes total sense. Who wouldn’t fall for that? Perhaps a cat, because they cannot read, and therefore are impervious to April Fools. The perfect organism… COLLATE. COLLATE. COLLATE. More »[imgclear]

This Is How They Faked the Stupid Shaving Helmet
We all believed this stupid shaving helmet video was real, but then, just like everything else good and pure in this world, it proved to be a horrible, horrible joke. Well, whatever, “internet” – we’re cool, I guess, but we’ll never look at you with the same eyes again. You know, those “come over here, I wanna make out” eyes. Those eyes. More »[imgclear]

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