The Craziest iPhone 4 Peripheral Of 2011

Or maybe ever. Somebody decided to make a Wii Wheel type add-on just for the iPhone 4, so that players can look like utter goofballs while playing iPhone racing games.

The wheel even has external speakers. There's a jack that connections to the iPhone, and the speakers are powered by a Nokia battery that is sold separately, but that can be charged via USB.

The wheel is priced at ¥1599 ($19). The added embarrassment is totally free.

iPhone4専用 スピーカー付き ハンドル形コントローラー Donyaダイレクト DN-SPACC-SWGC 上海道場【初段】 [★]|パソコン周辺機器・ブランド商品の【上海問屋】通販サイト [Donya via IT Media]

Republished from Kotaku

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