The Android Apps Everyone Should Have March 2011

The Android Apps Everyone Should Have March 2011

It’s the start of a new month, which is to say it’s time to clean up our list of the absolute best Android apps. What new apps will show up? Which apps get cut?


Read It Later: Read It Later is a similar service to Instapaper, which means it’s an offline news caching reader. Save articles through their browsers and read them offline on your phone. Looks great while reading too. $1.19.[imgclear]

Feedly: A magazine overlay for your Google Reader, it has the perfect balance between good looks and easy readability. It syncs with your Google Reader account for feeds and plays well with Twitter and Read it later. Free.[imgclear]


Chomp: Chomp makes finding Android apps so much easier. Think of Chomp as a replacement for Android Market’s search function. You can search by app category and it even has a special section for apps on sale. Free.[imgclear]

Meganoid: A really hilarious and super fun 8-bit game that proudly takes inspiration from Megaman and Metroid. Hilarious because the 8-bit graphics and sound effects are a nod to the simpler days and super fun because it reminds you of being a kid again. Free.[imgclear]

PewPew: It looks a whole lot like Geometry Wars, which is one of the highest compliments we can give a game. PewPew for Android features four game modes of laser-blasting enjoyment, and best of all? It’s totally free.[imgclear]

3G Watchdog: With a lot of the carriers moving towards monthly data caps, 3G Watchdog smartly protects you from going over your limit. It shows your data usage in either the notification window, through the app itself, or widget. Free.[imgclear]



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