That Kogan Tablet Isn't As Good As You Thought

It turns out that Kogan muffed up the specs on its Android tablet announcement yesterday. Where they said the resolution was 1024x600, the actual product will come with 800x480. And that's not all.

The original spec sheet also included Bluetooth, which the actual product won't include.

To its credit, Kogan has notified any customer who ordered the Android tablet, and if the change in specs means you don't want the product anymore, the online retailer is offering a full refund.

Still, resolution and Bluetooth aside, it's still super cheap for a capacitive touchscreen 7-inch tablet...

Dear Valued Kogan Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of the Agora 7" Tablet PC with Capacitive Touchscreen - Powered by Android.

It has come to our attention that, at the time of your purchase, we had unintentionally incorrectly advertised the screen resolution of the tablet as 1024x600 on the listing. The actual screen resolution is 800x480, which has been updated on the website, and is available for viewing here.

The small change in screen resolution will not change how the tablet operates. Android Apps will look great in this size, and the product continues to be the best value tablet available in Australia.

As with any products that are sold using our LivePrice pricing system, you can request a refund at any time (including within 7 days after delivery). If you would like a refund as a result of the change in specifications, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] All refunds will be processed within one business day.

Once again, we sincerely apologise for the error, and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Kindest Regards,

The Kogan Team




    how does this thing have the marketplace without the cellular function as a mobile phone... every other respectable tablet manufacturer was not allowed to have marketplace except galaxy tab which had phone functionality

    It's a shame, I really wanted the 1024x600 version.. at that price it'd be awesome.

    Just gonna have to make do with my $200 NookColor instead (better screen, though not as good in other areas e.g. no camera or HDMI). Still, at that price I might recommend it to my mother.

    Cancelled my order, but to their credit i received a response from their staff that the refund was processed 10 minutes later, defiantly makes me open to purchasing stuff via LivePrice in the future.

    Why all the love for Kogan products? They just seem to release the cheapest chinese garbage.

    I purchased this, still looks like a great offer, much lower price than Telstra and Optus's with a capacitive touch screen... not asking for a refund, eagerly awaiting delivery in... late May :-)

    I did think that that resolution and price (with a 1Ghz Samsung CPU) didn't quite marry up.

    It would appear that the error in resolution isn't the only error in specs in the original listing. When first up it was listed as having bluetooth - that's disappeared as well as the resolution changing. Arguably lacking bluetooth would "change how the tablet operates", but the correction email doesn't say anything about it...

    The small change in screen resolution? Over 100 thousand pixels difference is pretty big to me.

    Spend a little bit more and get an unlocked Galaxy Tab with much better specs for $299 from Telstra. That way you can add your own sim card for mobile use, better screen resolution and it has bluetooth. I snaffled one last night after almost plonking cash down on this tablet (which I'm sure will continue to change specs before it ships).

    galaxy tab for $300. im there

    Kudos to Kogan! This is absolute customer satisfaction :)

    Adam Smolkowicz

    i knew this would have alot of issues

    Adam Smolkowicz

    While I understand Gizmodos fondness of Kogan as a cheeky upstart pissing off old farts like Mr Harvey, fact is that most his products seem to be crap. Look at Choice tests etc and his stuff always ends up towards the bottom. Seems like you get what you pay for w Kogan?

    I've picked up the UK version of this - not sure what it will be like but to be honest, I'm not a power user. I need something light, easy to type with for uni and to stick some music on for the train journey there and back. Oh, and Angry Birds.

    For less than £100 delivered, it's a good deal cheaper than it's rivals. I might not get brilliance but for that price I'm not expecting it.

    This thing has quite a buzz around it, at a price you cant complain at I wonder if it will be any good. I find it strange there is no reviews for it even if it is a rebrand.

    I hope its quality is better than their ebook. I bought a Kogan ebook reader months ago and it is simply crap. So many issues with it that it is not even worth mention. I canno believe how this company can get away with selling this Made in China crap as their own brand.

    "I cannot believe how this company can get away with selling this Made in China crap as their own brand."

    And where do you think iPad's are made, then?

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