Terminator 2 Cake Is Perfect For Almost No Occasions

When you first e-spy the amazingly molten Terminator 2 cake, you're amazed at the fine balance of technical prowess and artistry that went into its creation. And then you start to think: what exactly would a cake like this commemorate? Birthday, wedding, bat mitzvah - doesn't seem quite right.

But the next time you're having a "Happy Saving Humanity's Future By Destroying Yourself In a Fiery Pit" party, well, the dessert bar has been set. [ablog4guys via Buzzfeed]


    "I now know why you cry, but it is something I can never do..."

    (Did anyone else totally choke up when he said that last bit? 'Cause, like... I didn't. Not at all.)

    "I'll be baked"

      Rofl, fantastic.

      The first comment too, for different reasons. I totally absolutely didn't get teary either, my man parts wouldn't allow it, so I know how he felt.

    I didn't tear up at all when Optimus Prime died either. Waaay too manly for that.

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