Telstra Has Slashed The Galaxy Tab Price To $299

It was just over a week ago that Telstra slashed the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to the bargain basement status of $408. Turns out, they can sell it even cheaper.

The original 7-inch Galaxy Tab is now available to buy through Telstra for just $299 outright, complete with free delivery. When you compare it spec wise with other 7-inch Android tablets around, it definitely stands above the competition, although you do have to reconcile yourself to the fact that it doesn't run Honeycomb (and probably never will, without some help from the custom ROM community).

Still, a sub-$300 price point makes a lot more sense for the 7-inch tablet category. Colour me tempted...

[Telstra - Thanks everyone!]



    Cmon Man... this happened Friday morning...

      If you want up to the minute android news, go to Ausdroid. Gizmodo may be occasionally late to the party, but for a blog, they KILL's tech section and I'm greatful.

        lol Peter, I'm more of an iOS fan...
        Always liked this device though and if I had the need or anywhere to put it, I'd probably buy one.

    So it's finally in the technology "bargain bin"?

    I went in to a tlife store over the weekend to try one out as i was temoted by the price.

    all was fine until i tried the browser! so laggy and choppy! maybe i dont notice it so much on my nexus one because the screen is a lot smaller but it was un-useable in that state

      There is probably alot of crap on that demo model - buying one new wont have those issues...and for $300 i would get one just for the hell of it! :P

        Yeah what he said...Plus there are plenty of very good(fast) browser alternatives.

          i tried two things; rebooting the demo model and cleared all the open programs out of memory (they had three on display) and it was still shockingly bad, even on mobile sites.

          even the UI smoothness was pretty bad but know how to tweak it as i have with my n1 but the browser was just shocking. what other browsers do you use?

          maybe im just to used to my work iphone4 and ipad..

    When you think that it is sub $300 and it already includes 3G, that is a pretty damn good deal.

    I'd be very tempted if I knew I could root it and flash the rom to honeycomb.

    Load overcome ROM and all is good. Just got this tab and its great for the price.

    Anyone know how this compares to the Kogan tablet for $147?

    Too tempting. Waaay too tempting. My tablet cherry is popped.

    A week earlier, they dropped the price from $700+ down to $408... I picked it up thinking it was a bargain... a week later, they drop it to $299... I'm fraking pissed!

    This is only for online instore it is still the normal price.

    This is much better than the kogan tab.

    -You have xda support :)
    -1024 x 600 ress compared to 800 x 600
    - Build would be much better
    - Camera front and back
    - getting 2.3 officially this year (not sure about honeycomb....)
    - GPS, bluetooth, 3G!

    For the extra $150 well worth the purchase over the kogan

    There are Honeycombe hacks in the works, won't be long. I suspect there is a lot of stock out there as well so the price drop and the update to honeycombe are needed to clear them all.

    I bought one online yesterday. Says it takes 5 days to arrive, subject to availability. I won't count my chickens before they hatch, but with all the tech specs of this tablet it's pretty amazing at that price. I can only imagine they must be on the way to getting all the next gen models in.

    Yeah..very good deal . Load Overcome's rom from XDA & it kicks my Ipads but . 3G , fast wifi , swype , free navigation ,and the rear facing camrea takes suprisingly good shots & video in daylight ! Plus you can hold it with one hand easily..alot better than my ipad for kindle & portable browsing/games . Bargain

    an awesome price. do i really need one though...

    Yes everyone should :D.

      Hey, i have heard that the version from telstra is not as good as getting else where. i heard that it has heaps of telstra software on it and its not the real version with 16gb, sort of a cut down version for telstra to sell. Is this real or are these people just telstra haters?

    Any info if it is locked to telstra or not?

    IS the tb is locked with telstra or is it unlocked???

    The tab isnt locked to telstra comes it unlocked. I can confirm this i got one today.

    Does not matter the price for these, no one has them anyway, also tried to buy an ipad of any type and no one in Canberra has them.

    Not happy Jan.

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