Telstra Has A New Rugged Phone For Tough Guys

If you think a pansy smartphone is useless for you because you're likely to shatter the prissy glass under the sheer strength of your fingers curling around its wimpy body, you may be interested in Telstra's new ruggedised handset, which features an IP54 rating for water and dust protection and a 2.4-inch GorillaGlass screen.

As far as its other, non-ruggedised specs go, it's fairly vanilla in a land of chocolate and strawberry swirls. It has a 3MP camera, A-GPS, expandable memory up to 16GB, and an integratedFM radio and MP3 player. But given that the type of people who need rugged phones aren't likely to need to spend hours playing Angry Birds, that's probably not too bad.

The phone is available for $360 outright.




    "Ruggedised"? Really? We're going there?

      What do you mean by "going" there?

      Had one of these. Tortured it. It only died after flying into a kerb @ ~60kph. 9 years on I'm sure modern-day materials would be even tougher...

        Actually I was more worried about the "-ising" of words that really don't need it. I get the value of a rugged phone.

      Well a pissy handset such as an iphone with its pretty little touchscreen is more or less useless on a building site (Not to mention down right embarassing). Most "tradies" can afford 2 phones, so yes "we're going there".

    Give me a decent touch waterproof android!

    Is this made by a company like ZTE for Telstra? Some of the previous Telstra branded mobiles and the T-Tab have been made by a OEM for them.

    IP54 is not good enough, can Defy pass the IP67?
    Plz check the video in this url

    You will see what is real rugged phone.

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