Supermarket Accidentally Opens When No Employees Working

Supermarket Accidentally Opens When No Employees Working

What would you do if you walked into a supermarket with no employees inside? Dump everything into five trolleys and run? Steal all the alcohol you can? Grab store displays? Get a lifetime supply of cereal? Fruit? Or would you pay?

Well, Pak ‘n Save, a supermarket in New Zealand, opened when no employees were working, and surprisingly, the store wasn’t ransacked or stripped or even burned down because few shoppers even noticed the employees were missing. It happened on 8am last Friday (Good Friday), when a computer glitch accidentally triggered the doors open with no workers inside.

Seriously! Around two dozen customers trickled in, cruised the aisles, shopped and when they were done, used the self-checkout machines to pay for their goods. Business as usual! Of course, some of them skirted past everything and walked straight out but when the owner of the supermarket reviewed the videotape, he said:

“They weren’t in for a free-for-all. They were doing their normal shopping and then got to the checkout. Half of them paid and the other half thought, `this is a good deal’ and walked out.”

In fact, after reviewing the tape, a religious studies professor said it seemed like everyone was going to pay until they got stuck at the self checkout machine waiting for an employee to approve an alcohol purchase. Once they couldn’t find an employee, they left with their groceries in tow.

The police eventually showed up an hour later and the owner is asking those who pranced off with free groceries to come back and pay. Good luck! Watch the news report here. Ah-mazing. [ via Neatorama]