So, I’m Dead. What’s The Deal With My Digital Data?

Like life insurance, most people aren’t keen to talk about what should happen to their digital selves after they die. Morbidity, the macabre, creepy—pick your poison. Nevertheless, there exist companies that deal with such things once you check out.

Take this one, for example. Called LifeEnsured, it neatly and succinctly deals with the life you led on the digital plane long after you’ve been deleted from the physical one.

According to a profile at All Things Digital, a number of services are offered, most of them pertaining to popular social media platforms like Facebook. But it gets a bit creepier than that:

Besides having Facebook accounts deleted, users can leave a final status message, disable wall postings, change their bio (theoretically to the past tense) and even transfer ownership of the account.

In fact, LifeEnsured members can take similar actions with over 30 online services like Twitter, PayPal, WordPress and Dropbox. Some users will be particularly glad to know that the and eHarmony dating sites can also be dealt with, through LifeEnsured.

“Thanks for your interest, potential mate, but I’m dead!” has a nice ring to it, as does the company’s willingness to change your Flickr sets over to a Creative Commons licence for easy sharing and or meme Photoshopping.

Hey, you’re dead, right? What do you care if your Star Wars theme wedding pictures are creating millions of empty page view hits over at Fark? [All Things Digital]