Shooting Challenge: 9 Green-Themed Shots

Shooting Challenge: 9 Green-Themed Shots

The beauty of our shooting challenges is that you can interpret each week’s theme however you want. Here’s how nine Gizmodo readers worked with the “green” theme.

Callum Cheyne

bought my first ever ‘proper’ (manual control) digital camera last night…an upgrade from my Panasonic Lumix FH1 to a Lumix LX5. I got up this morning after reading the manual in bed (freaking out over how comlicated it was), and there was Frankie from next door waiting, running around like a princess protesting about the windy weather. I snapped this in iA mode while he was sitting still very briefly. I didn’t realise at the time that iA mode meant I wasn’t getting a RAW file as well, but the JPG looked pretty good in the box. I popped it into the Silkypix software (as it will ‘redevelop’ a JPG and I was gagging to play with it), and cropped, tweaked the colour (to one of the film modes) and white balance (taking some green out of his chest using the colour deflection settings) just a tad. My first go at using this software, and a first shot with (what is to me) a very fancy camera, I’m chuffed with the result. I tried playing more with the sharpness/contrast etc in Silkypix, but ultimately decided I really like the shot where it is now.

Daniel Alexander

Taken of my daughter Chloe on one of her first expeditions onto the grass (which needed a mow).
Canon EOS 550D, 50mm f1.4 lens, f2.0 ISO 100.
Cropped in Picasa to remove the garden (and compensate for the lack of zoom on the lens).

Felicity Kiernan

EOS 550D, 18-55 kit lens with macro attachment.

This strange looking thing is the eye, arm and shoulder of a praying mantis that was hunting on my lemon tree. It isn’t the most striking photo, but I find it kind of fascinating.

Michael Nguyen

Camera EOS 500D EF-S 18-55mm Lens

Shutter Speed 1/6
ISO 400
Focal Length 27mm
F-Stop 7.1
Manual Exposure set at +2/3

Still a massive beginner at photography but when I thought of green, one of my many prized figures came into mind and simply had to take a close-up of her. Took the shot in front my monitor which I guess would be a bad idea but I spend the majority of my time at the PC. Some slight edits using the Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software that included sharpening the image and changing the White Balance Mode.

Narelle Jenkins

This was shot in the car park at Reading University, UK, using an iPhone 4 and the Camera+ app. Also cropped and optimised using the clarity setting in Camera+ which is lazy, yes, but I was on holidays 😉
I liked the green-ness of the idea of pedestrians being given priority in a space obviously designed for cars although in reality I don’t think the choice of green marking paint has any link to lofty environmental aims.

William Paiva

I’m here again!

this photo I take from some orchids I bought to my mom as a weekend gift [but don’t tell her it’s for the photo contest also…] .

In a sunny day. I used my Canon T1i with a 200 ISO, 5.6f aperture; a 1/1500 shutter and a 55-250mm lens @250mm to eliminate the background

Adam Gavin

My story is after seeing that the challenge was “green” I asked a close friend what the first thing that came to mind was. Her answer, vines. After thinking to myself where I can shoot vines I jumped in my car and headed up to a local town about 45minutes out of Adelaide where I got some amazing sunset shots a couple months ago and went crazy. The reason this place come to mind was a lot of the locals own grape vines for wine. Anyhoo after stuffing around for about an hour I managed to get the photo attached and it blew me away! Enjoy!

The camera used is a Nikon D3000 with a Nikkor AF-S 55-200mm.
F/5.6 with 1/100 exposure. ISO 400

When I shoot ill find a nice location when driving and park. Ill then look around, climb if I think I can get a better shot. Then take many photos of the same subject, rinse and repeat.

With this particular photo I was actually taking pictures of my car and thought it would be a lot better without it in the picture and it turned out as the best picture of the day.

Mitchell Swan

Growing up in the country, I naturally associate green with trees. Now that I am a Melbourner I wanted to capture the mix of nature and the urban sprawl that replaced it. This shot was taken over the weekend in the ever-changing street art of Hoiser Lane. What drew me to this image is the unusual representation of a tree, appearing to be made of talk – a very human influence.

I am still new to photography and out and about with my first dslr – a Canon 600d, 18-55mm lens, f3.5 aperture, 1/80sec exposure and ISO100. Post processing in Gimp to bring out the colours that can be seen in the lane and a minor vignette to draw attention away from the distractions in the background.

Tom Shao

The photo was taken with Nikon D7000, 50mm f/1.4G Prime lens.
ISO 320, f/6.3 on 30sec shutter. The photo was taken around midnight, in my building complex on the Gold Coast.
I tried a few different shots with differing white balance, this shot was on AWB, i thought it turned out the best out of the lot.
In front of the tree are a couple of white night lights, and the glow behind comes from the red street lights.

This is my first submission 🙂