Samsung’s 2011 LED TVs Hit Australia

Samsung’s 2011 LED TVs Hit Australia

The Samsung 2011 TV line up, one of the sexiest ranges at this year’s CES, has now launched in Australia. If you been hankering for crazy thin bezels and Samsung’s SmartHub offerings, then you can get your wallets ready. There’s 25 LED TVs, 10 Plasma TVs, and 6 LCD TVs. What flavour / price are you looking for? UPDATED: All the TV food groups are now represented.


The Series 8 8000 model is the flagship of the new range, showing off all the new features, which Samsung says are about four key areas: picture quality, design, SmartHub, and 3D.

The new design is most striking, with an extremely thin bezel that is just 5mm on the front flat and only a few more as it curves off the side. The Series 8 bezel is in a brushed aluminium while the Series 7 gives me an even better warm fuzzy with its clear acrylic style. It just disappears into your room.

How’s the prices?

Series 8 8000 60-inch (April): TBC; 55-inch (April): $4,699

Series 7 7000 55-inch (April): $4,099; 46-inch (April): $3,199

Series 6 6600 60-inch (Aug): TBC; 55-inch (June): $3,499; 46-inch (April) $2,699; 40-inch (April) $2,099

Series 6 6400 55-inch (June): $3,199; 46-inch (April): $2,399; 40-inch (April) $1,899

Series 6 6000 55-inch (May): $2,799; 46-inch (May): $2,099; 40-inch (May) $1,599; 32-inch (May) $1,099

Series 5 and Series 4 prices fall comfortably around and under the $1,000 mark and while they lack most of the fancy new features they’re pretty solid entry-level options.

Plasma TVs

In plasma, Samsung is showing a strong line up, though the fancy new features drop off quickly. Interestingly the Series 6 plasma seems to be missing a web browser and Skype options from its SmartHub applications offering.

The plasmas have also received a 1-inch boost in screen size while retaining the same frame space as before. So what was 42 becomes 43, 50 becomes 51, and so on.

Series 8 8000 64-inch (April): $4,299; 59-inch (April): $3,499; 51-inch (April): $2,599

Series 6 6900 59-inch (April): $2,999; 51-inch (April): $2,099

Series 5 550 64-inch (April): $2,999; 59-inch (April): $2,399; 51-inch (April): $1,599

Series 4 450 51-inch (April): $1,049; 43-inch (March): $849


The baby who’s been put in the corner, the biggest you’ll see in Samsung LCD these days is 40-inch and it ducks nicely under $1,000. None of the LCD range offer features like SmartHub.

Series 5 550 40-inch (April): $999; 32-inch (April): $749

Series 4 450 32-inch (March): $599; 26-inch (March): $499; 22-inch (May): $399

Series 4 400 19-inch (April): $299