Rumoured Photos Of Next iPhone Emerge

It's iPhone 5 rumour season! And while we have no reason to think that these rumoured white iPhone 5 pictures at MIC Gadget are any more - or less - legitimate than the iPhone 5 mockup that emerged last week, it certainly lines up with what the rumour mill has churned out so far.

The wider screen? Sure, it could be Photoshopped. But we've been hearing about an edge-to-edge display for some time now. And the similarity to the iPhone 4 indicates that it could be one of those iPhone 4S prototypes that Apple's reportedly been seeding to devs.

Whether that ends up being the final design of iPhone 5 or a bridge prototype device remains to be seen. But again: it's that time of year. And the iPhone rumour floodgate has only opened a crack. [MIC Gadget via MacRumors]