Robot Throws First Pitch At Major League Baseball Game

One of my life goals is to throw the first pitch at a Dodgers baseball game. I daydream about it regularly, actually. But the nerves! What if I miss the catcher or, gasp, one-bounce it across home plate? I don't think I could go home after that.

And I was OKwith C-list and D-list celebrities beating me out to my dream but tonight a non-human, a freaking robot, tossed out the first pitch at a Phillies game against the Brewers. A robot doesn't have to deal with those weak human emotions like I do! Un-fair!

Too bad that stupid robot can't get the ball over the plate. He one bounced it, hah! Like my sister would! What a loser. Watch it:

Video: Robot throws first pitch

[Fox Sports]

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