Quotebook For iPhone

Quotebook For iPhone

A good quote deserves to be remembered, and Quotebook is designed to do just that: it’s a simple, elegant way to archive those scraps of language you know might be worth revisiting down the line.

What is it?

Quotebook, $2.49, iPhone. There’s not a whole lot to it: it’s a notebook for quotes. A quotebook. You can easily enter a new quote, along with an “author”, a “source”, a rating out of five stars, and, if you want to keep organised, a tag or two. Then you can search through your collection of quotables, browse them by date, rating, author or source. And quotes can be anything! Not just noble things said by noble people! Tidbits from movies; things you overhear on the subway; lines from blog posts you like. Whatever.

Who’s it good for?

People who appreciate a good quote; people who underline things in books; people who absent-mindedly scribble down lyrics from songs they like on whatever piece of paper they might have in front of them.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

Yes, OK, you could just mark these down in the default notes app, or whatever other app you use for general purpose notes, but you could cut away at your steak with a butterknife, too. And while it might get the job done, more or less, it’s certainly not as easy as using a steak knife. If you find yourself taking down quotes – be them passages from things you read, lyrics from songs you like or lines from movies you watch – Quotebook is a nice way to keep them organised and accessible.

How could it be even better?

The interface is pretty and nice to use but I didn’t feel entirely at home with it. There seemed to be a lack of gestures when I wanted to use gestures (jumping out of an article) and too much gestures when I didn’t want to use a gesture. Also, it may be the fault of the RSS feeds itself but some pictures seemed out of order and there isn’t a really great solution for truncated feeds (which technically isn’t their fault). The app is decently quick but can get choppy when you load in too many feeds.

Quotebook for iPhone [iTunes]

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