QR Codes Set To Make You A Bottle Shop Wine Snob

Hey! Remember when the US bid goodbye and good riddance to QR Codes? Seems as though they may have jumped the gun, with Lion Nathan announcing that they're planning on using the digital barcodes to offer in depth information on wines through your smartphone at your local bottle shop.

Essentially, Lion Nathan and Fine Wine Partners are releasing wines with QR codes on a necktag around the bottle. Customers can then use scanning software on their smartphone to find out more information about the wine in particular, including "read reviews, tasting notes and winemaking notes, explore the winery through video, learn about food and wine pairing ideas and recipes, plus lots more" (according to the press release).

They call the technology Cellar Key, and while some of the information is definitely interesting and useful for making an informed purchasing decision, things like video tours are probably overkill for an in store tech. Still, it's good to see companies embracing technology to try and educate consumers about their products.

[The Cellar Key]

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