Oscium Turns Your iDevice Into The World's Smallest Oscilloscope

How would you like to have your own slick-looking oscilloscope to tinker with? Well, it'll cost you upwards of $US1000. Or you could grab the iMSO-104 app/hardware package for just $US300 which, according to its manufacturer, also turns your iOS device into the world's smallest oscilloscope.

Oscium's iMSO-104 hardware component will attach to your iOS device via the dock connector, while its breakout cables spread out like tentacles for probing whatever voltage oscillations tickle (or shock) your fancy. The app even incorporates iOS multitouch gestures - so you swipe up and down to toggle the analogue input level, pinch to zoom the axes in and out, or tap and drag to close in on the details of the data.

Right now, the first batch of iMSO-104s have already sold out, so you can't afford to oscillate on your decision to snatch one of these instruments up. The second batch is shipping in late May. [Oscium via OhGizmo!]

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