Official Steve Jobs Biography Being Written, With Jobs' Blessing

Not only has Steve Jobs given the thumb's up to an official biography about his life - the first ever official biography - but he's also agreed to be interviewed by the author, Walter Isaacson.

Titled iSteve: The Book of Jobs, it will be published by Simon & Schuster and will also feature interviews and facts from his family and Apple peers. Not to mention rivals' thoughts, too.

Despite plenty of people having penned tomes about the Apple CEO's life, Isaacson is the only one to get the big seal of approval. Having come from CNN and Time magazine, he's also written books about Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Unfortunately we won't be adding this book to our Amazon wishlists before Christmas as it's got an early-2012 release scheduled in, but as Isaacson's reportedly been working on it since 2009, you can expect a thorough look behind-the-scenes which has never been given before. [ABC and Fortune via Techmeme]

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