No Road? No Problem! 12 Portable Bridges

When the potholes get too big to dodge, you'll need a bridge layer. These gap-spanning mechs have been conquering divides since WWI (almost as long as the tanks they're attached to) and our friends at have 12 of the coolest.

1939 French SOMUA Bridge Layer

Amphibious floating bridge and ferry system

British Valentine bridgelayer

Centurion bridgelayer

Churchill bridgelayer

First World War bridge-laying tank

Inflatable ball bridge

Lego bridging vehicle

LEGUAN 26M AVLB, armoured vehicle-launched bridge

M60A1 armoured vehicle-launched bridge

Russian MTU-72 armored bridge layer

These Port-a-Spans not enough? Try some bridges you can live in or a few bridges that move with you.

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