Nikon D5100 Teardown Reveals 'Billions' Of Screws, Shock Hazard

The intrepid crew at iFixit tackled something a little tougher than the iPad 2 Smart Cover, masterfully dissecting Nikon's new D5100 DSLR. And it proved to be just the challenge they were looking for - screws, screws and more screws.

Perhaps their estimate of "billions" is off by a decimal point or two, but the thing is not for the screwdriver faint of heart. In fact, the D5100 is so screw-happy that the teardown manual had to skip a lot of the unscrewing instructions, lest we all go insane reading it. But there are some exciting bits in there! iFixit found that the "sensor has a special glass cover that turns red when viewed at an angle, but is completely transparent when viewed head-on", and warned that the flash's capacitor needs to be discharged, unless you want to blow out your camera (and give yourself a bad zap). [iFixit]

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