Mother Updated Facebook Before Drowning Herself And Her Kids

A little less than 30 minutes before purposefully driving her minivan off a pier with her four children inside, Lashanda Armstrong updated her Facebook status from her Blackberry: "I'm sorry everyone forgive me please for what I'm gonna do… This is it!!!"

Armstrong and three of her children - Landon Pierre, 5; Lance Pierre, 2; and 11-month-old Lainaina Pierre - drowned. Armstrong's 10-year-old son, Lashaun, managed to escape out a window as the van sank. Armstrong had been acting strangely in recent days, telling a friend she felt like someone was watching her. She and her boyfriend had had a "vicious fight" before Armstrong drove into the water, according to the Times.

As with so many tragedies these days, the banality of Armstrong's farewell status update makes her choice that much more incomprehensible. [NYT, NYP, Mid Hudson News]

Republished from Gawker

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