Moleskine's Making Bags Now; Writers And Artists Approve

Moleskine—the brand that conjures up thoughts of those terrific-smelling (oh yeah, and iconic!) leather notebooks. Now apparently, they're also expanding to include a Moleskine travelling Collection.

The collection includes a messenger bag, a tote, a backpack, laptop cases and other accessories—all with the signature minimalist black leather, rounded off corners and elastic band; all shown off recently at the Milan Design Week. If you think the collection will fit your avant-garde lifestyle of quirky bookstores and oh-so-charming outdoor cafés, watch out for when it makes an appearance at the New York Design Week in May. [Moleskine]


    Speaking of Moleskine..

    The Moleskine app is finally released today!
    And, it's an amazing note-taking app too
    You should definitely try it out
    I've posted a quick review here:

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