Wife Almost Killed, Possibly Over Online Affair

Wife Almost Killed, Possibly Over Online Affair

Charles Black, the man pictured above, is being accused of smashing his wife’s head with a rock, dragging her to a cliff and then throwing her over that cliff. Amazingly, she’s still alive.

The police are saying that Black’s motives may be because his wife, Lisa, discovered that Black was having an online affair with an ex-girlfriend which could’ve put him in hot water with Lisa’s recently inherited $US4 million.

In the police report, Lisa said that she felt like “[Charles]has been trying to kill her” citing various incidents where he hit her, fell on top of her and punched her near another cliff. In his police report, Charles said:

“He could not remember hitting Lisa or throwing her off the side of the mountain. He stated if this happened, he could not remember it and he did not know why he would do this.”

With $US4 million at stake, who knows what really happened between the two, but it ain’t looking good for Charles Black. [Bangor Daily News]