LG's Has 3D Glasses To Keep Four Eyes Happy

One of my wife's pet peeves with 3D in general is that you have to wear glasses over glasses if you happen to need to wear glasses while watching movies. Which is why I was impressed by LG's decision to offer clip-on 3D polarised glasses that attach to a pair of specs, allowing the bespectacled to watch 3D movies at home without the discomfort of having to double down on the eyewear.

The move to clip on polarised filters for glasses is possible thanks to LG's decision to ditch the active shutter glasses in lieu of a passive glasses solution. That doesn't necessarily mean that people like me won't get headaches or feel nauseous while watching 3D content, but it will make the whole process a little bit less like hard work for glasses wearers.

The clip-on filters will cost $29 a pair - a slight premium over the two for $19 of the traditional glasses, but still better than $200 for active shutter models.

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