LG Emphasising Passive 3D With Its New TV Range (UPDATED: With Pricing!)

LG Emphasising Passive 3D With Its New TV Range (UPDATED: With Pricing!)

 title=A week after its Korean nemesis unleashed its new television lineup, LG has pulled the curtain off its own 2011 range of televisions. The emphasis? Passive 3D and some clever IPTV services, all rolled into the TV.

The big focus at the TV launch event yesterday was the passive 3D system on this year’s TV models. Instead of the bulky, heavy active shutter glasses, the new LG TVs use the same polarised glasses as the ones you wear at the cinema (although they couldn’t confirm whether the polarisation was the same, allowing you to use the cinema glasses at home). The company has also introduced some 2D to 3D conversion functionality that looks pretty decent.

In terms of the Smart TV functionality, LG will launch its new range with some respectable local content partners. BigPond will supply both BigPond Movies and BigPond TV services to the LG lineup; Fox Sports will have a catch up service on there as well, while Yahoo!7 and Australian music network UCTV.fm will provide non-sport entertainment on demand.

At present, there’s no breakdown of model pricing, although the range is expected to launch in late April.

Here’s the lineup:

LW6500 – Available in 65-inch, 55-inch, 47-inch and 42-inch sizes, the 6500 features both Smart TV functionality and Cinema 3D, the passive 3D technology, plus 2D to 3D conversion.

LW9500 – Launching later this year in a 55-inch model, the LW9500 is top of the line with proper LED backlighting, in place of the edge-lit of the other models in the range.

LV5500 – Available in 55-inch, 47-inch and 42-inch, this model offers Smart TV functionality, without the 3D, and includes 100Hz motion technology.

LV3720 – 55-inch, 47-inch, 42-inch, 37-inch and 32-inch models in this range, the LV3720 is essentially the same as the LV5500 without 100Hz technology.

LW4500 – In 55-inch, 47-inch, 42-inch and 32-inch screen sizes, the LW4500 has Cinema 3D functionality, including 2D to 3D conversion, but leaves the Smart Tv functions out.

UPDATE: And here’s the price rundown: Code:

LW – Cinema 3D, Smart TV LED and LCD LV – Smart TV, LED and LCD PZ – Smart TV, Plasma

RRPs below:

55″ LW9500 – $4,999 65″ LW6500 – $4,999 55″ LW6500 – $3,299 47″ LW6500 – $2,499 42″ LW6500 – $1,999

55″ LV5500 – $2,499 47″ LV5500 – $1,999 42″ LV5500 – $1,499

60″ PZ950 – $2,899 50″ PZ950 – $1,999 60″ PZ570 – $2,599 50″ PZ570 – $1,699