iiNet Launching BoB2 In April

The original BoB wireless router from iiNet was a huge success for the ISP, combining the modem, router and home phone into a single, relatively stylish device. Following its announcement in February, the routers sequel BoB2 now has a release date scheduled for this month.

There's a pretty impressive list of inclusions in the new device:

• ADSL2+ modem router supporting the latest 802.11n standards in wireless technology • A sleek design that complements the suite of iiNet products available • Handset with full colour screen and built in answering machine • Dual VOIP capability to support two phone numbers from dual providers • Powered by DECT and the latest cordless telephony CAT-iq for VoIP and other Internet-based services such as audio and video streaming • NBN ready • fetchtv ready

Pricing (or an exact launch date) still hasn't been announced, but you can pre-register your interest (as an iiNet customer of course) here.




    I guess somewhere about BoB4 in 2020 we might get gigabit LAN ports...

      Yup, thats what ruined it for me. Shame really, apparently its cost of a larger power supply, but given most other companys can do it for the same cost, lazy would be more appropriate.

      Lol, who uses lan ports anymore? it all wireless :)

    Their logo ruins the design.

    wow i actually like the design

    Wow. iiNet's "in house design and development" for BoB2 must have been handed over to Orcon

    Lame iiNet taking claim over another vendors products "we're innovative we really are" I call BS.

    Have a look at

    Gee. Looks similar eh?

    Kizmet, where in the article you linked does it say that Orcon developed it? Clearly you didn't actually read the article because it doesn't - it actually says it was developed in conjunction with iiNet!

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