How Did The Biology Of Giant-sized Dinosaurs Actually Work?

Tomorrow marks the opening of New York's Museum of Natural History's long-awaited dinosaur exhibit, called "The World's Largest Dinosaurs". We talked to curator and paleontologist Mark Norell about the show - and how these super-giant animals ever stayed upright.

Norell is one of many staff scientists at AMNH, and his area of expertise is the evolution of dinosaurs into birds. He also studies the biology of dinosaurs, and tells us a little bit about how the supersized sauropods kept their massive necks aloft - and why they might have evolved to such extreme sizes. Plus, he shows off his favourite fossil.

This is the first in a series of interviews io9 is doing with the scientists of AMNH - many thanks to the museum (and especially Joshua Schnakenberg) for arranging these, and to Matt Toder for directing and editing.

Republished from io9

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