Have You Ever Stuck A Motor On Something You Shouldn't Have?

There's a certain feeling of power that comes from upgrading a piece of tech. I assume that that feeling is amplified tenfold when the pimping in question is the act of applying a motor to something that probably didn't need a motor in the first place. And if you've done that kind of thing, there's a new show looking for you.

Developed by Three Drunk Monkeys, the new program called "Add A Motor To It" hopes to shine the spotlight on Australians (and New Zealanders) who felt it necessary to add a motor to an otherwise-unmotorised piece of technology.

So if you've ever decided that your esky needed a motorised remote control or your kid's tricycle needed a V8 engine, drop us a line in comments so the team behind the show can get in touch. And if you've seen some cool, locally made motorised mayhem, feel free to share a link below too.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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