Flip Was Supposed To Announce Live-Streaming Camcorder

When Cisco killed the Flip this week, they weren't just killing the name - they were killing a camcorder which was due to be announced the day after they canned it. The New York Times says the camcorder, called FlipLive, was capable of streaming video live to Twitter, Facebook or sending an email link to the video-cloud in realtime, over Wi-Fi. Sounds darn impressive, even if there are many apps that can do that already.

In his article revealing the camcorder that wasn't to be, David Pogue also argues against our opinion that it wasn't the smartphone that killed the Flip - it was Cisco, and their mind-boggling incompetence. Either way you want to look at it, the FlipLive sounds pretty amazing. If any ex-Flip employees want to give us a look, you know where to find us. [NY Times]

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